Top 10 Things I Learned from Khoa Bui “Internet Cashflow Mastery Workshop”

Today i attended a seminar/workshop conducted by Khoa Bui of Secret Entrepreneur about Internet Cashflow Master Workshop held at The Vista Learning Center in WorldWide Center Shaw Mandaluyong.

I admit before i thought i know all the stuff regarding on getting online visitors on my blogs and i know how to get passive income online until I attended the seminar. Being an SEO Specialist it gives me some wake up call regarding some things that i haven’t encounter before but thanks to the seminar it gave me some ideas.


Here is the Top 10 Things I Learned from Khoa Bui “Internet Cashflow Mastery Workshop

  1. 20/80 Principle – In this principle there only 20 percent possibilities you can got sales or conversation on your website/blog visitors.
  2. Create a small niche websites that generate high traffic and promote products through it – Starting next month i will be creating some network of blogs every three months that will serve as a niche for topic like real estate, wealth management and other stuff.
  3. Create a huge database of prospects and promote products through it – For me blogging gave me some good money but listening to Khoa Bui presentation gave me idea of starting my online business.
  4. Create an awesome profile showcasing my talent on LinkedIn – I thought LinkedIn is just a plain social networking website but the seminar open my eyes that it will give me professional contacts and possible clients.
  5. Become an online reputation manager – I know some people who is working on this field and now I think i can also be one.
  6. Become a Social Media Expert – I know social media is a big market and while listening to his key point i see some potential on being big on the field of social media expert.
  7. Become a Facebook advertising consultant - Before i thought because its only a hub were you can connect with your friends and market my blog but attending the seminar gave me some ideas that open my mind for some ideas that i can offer to future clients.
  8. Be an internet marketer and help businesses promote their products and services online - I will expand my knowledge on some topics like affiliate marketing and payperclick.
  9. Create a health and fitness website/blog - Since i started working at home i forgot to maintain my health and physical being on my last check i was 50 pounds overweight and i think creating that blog will really help me to lose and maintain my desired weight.
  10. Lastly stay focus on what you do – Starting today i will be posting regularly here on maybe three to four times a week and sharing some stuff that my visitors will learned or will enhance their knowledge while reading my blog.

Khoa Bui is an awesome speaker! I highly recommend this attending to his seminars and its really worth every penny you pay for the seminar.

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