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YouTube Redefines Video Sharing with YouTube Red

Being one of the biggest sites in the internet, the video sharing monster takes its game to the next level with the upcoming release of YouTube Red.

YouTube Red is a paid membership that features ad-free viewing of videos and music across the site giving you the ultimate YouTube experience. You can save videos and playlists offline so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. It also comes with background play allowing you to continue listening to your videos while using other apps or even while your screen is off.

The membership will also come with a free subscription to Google Play Music. Meanwhile, current subscribers of Google Play Music will have full access to YouTube Red.

YouTube Red will be a $9.99 monthly subcription and is set to drop on October 28.

Watch Youtube Red Presentation:

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Check This Out: Mayweather Pranks All Over the Web

If you have watched the fight you know clearly why people, especially in the social media, are enraged with the results of the Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight.

Many people, fans or not of Manny Pacquiao are going to his side because of the performance Mayweather has brought to the ring.

With all the legit punches Pacman has thrown him, Mayweather just either run or hugged. And this is how this video was made.

For all the intense boxing that should be, this is what figuratively happened.

Watch the video and see the gravity of the fight. Insert a tinge of sarcasm here.

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Is Your Child Safe? A Social Experiment on Child Abduction Reveals

Children were always told not to talk to strangers, even more to go with them. But not because they were always told to not do such a thing, to even talk to strangers, doesn’t mean they will always remember.

Parents should not be over confident with their children’s safety. Especially nowadays where the percentage of child abduction I increasing in number.

Watch how Joey Salads conduct a social experiment where he talks to the kid’s mom and ask if the child will go with him or go running back to the mom.

This test reveals a shocking truth to the mothers. And their child could have been kidnapped just because of a cute little puppy.