Midea Appliances Makes Up for Kitchen Wonderland

Midea, one of the world’s largest producer of consumer appliances, has launched brand new kitchen wonders in the form of extraordinary appliances. For the love of kitchen and cooking, Midea introduced their new microwave ovens, induction cookers, digital multi-cookers and electric kettles.

How about energy efficiency, solid performance, and compact designs all rolled into one package wrapped with affordability? Would you take the invitation to come in to Midea’s world of kitchen wonders and try it for yourself? Let’s start to be in awe with Midea’s new line of kitchen appliances.

Starting off with Midea Microwave Oven. If you think that this thing is for only those who can afford to pay the price, both in electricity and in cooking ideas, you better think again. Midea Microwave Oven uses power with so much efficiency, you only have to spend P1 per three-minute cooking time in electricity. Because of the short cooking time, there is better retention of nutrients with your food.

Next, Midea Induction Cooker. If you want an alternative to your ordinary gas range, and you want something that is cheaper but more efficient than your regular electric gas stove, then you might as well try this induction cooker from Midea. The Midea Induction Cooker has dual-coil technology that makes it cook 40 percent faster than an electric stove. No worries, when it comes to your children as it has flameless heating and an auto shut-off feature.

Midea Digital Multi/ Rice Cooker. What makes Midea’s product different than any other rice cooker? Midea Digital Multi-Cooker is equipped with Thermal Circulation Technology. This ensures that the pot gets even heat resulting to perfectly cooked rice. Aside from rice, you can also use it to cook congee and stews, steam seafood, rice cakes and vegetables, soup, and boiled eggs.

And last but not the least, the Midea Electric Kettle. What is so special about a kettle? What is even more so special about an electric kettle? Midea has its double wall technology preventing its exterior from heating and it keeps your water warm for a longer time. It boils water in just three minutes and has lower power consumption than other electric kettles.

Midea can sure be trusted when it comes to your kitchen needs as it belongs to the top lists of world brands in kitchen appliances.

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