MC Doughboy Part 2 of 3: “Daddy Don’t Know” feat. Solomon Stark

Mc Doughboy and Solomon Stark’s part 2 of their trilogy of a music video has been released entitled “Daddy Don’t Know.”

It is a short film about love and betray trying to be kept under the rug in the form of loud music and flashing lights.

As the title of this part 2 of trilogy states,“Daddy Don’t Know.” Despite all lurking assumption in the head, if there is no evidence to prove, it will be like a writing on the beach sand that the waves can easily wash off.

Mon Confiado plays the part of Princess Antonio Sosa’s lover who is secretly having an affair with MC Doughboy.

This secret affair-type of screenplay was written by Lando Lande and directed by Daryl Piedad.

Among the casts are: Mon Confiado, Mc Doughboy, Princess Antonio Sosa, Floyd Bashtard, Solomon Stark, and K.i Lamar GA.

Watch the Part 2 of this MTV trilogy below.

Watch DJ is A “THE TRUTH” Music Video Series:

Part 1: 9 to 5 – MC Doughboy X Solomon Stark
Part 2: Daddy Don’t Know – MC Doughboy X Solomon Stark
Part 3: The End – MC Doughboy X Solomon Stark

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