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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a great way to promote businesses, organizations, blogs, bands, books and anything that want to build an audience.

Facebook fan page can be created for anything online – for celebrities, athletes, specific events or businesses. Creating a fan page isn’t that hard to do

Here is the guide on how to create a Facebook fan page.

Go to or you can go to any Facebook fan page and click “Create a page.” Then you will be directed to the page as shown below,
choose “Website” as your category and then key in the name of your blog. Tick “I agree” and click “Get Started”.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page (1)

Now you will have already created your Fan Page. Now, when you get to the “Get Started” Page, you then get the chance to edit what goes into your Facebook fan page. The first thing I did was to upload a picture and then, I started to invite my contacts to like my page.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page (2)

Facebook offers a variety of ways by which you can invite your friends to “like” your page. You can upload a contact file or you can allow Facebook to have access to your contacts in your email address.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page (3)

Also you can watch this video on how to create a Facebook fan page:

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