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Blogging Tips

Things You Should Know In Creating Website For Business

There’s a lot of things you must consider in creating website for your business. Nowadays, netizens search for a product to purchase it online and it has tremendously changed over the years.

Before customers have to consult friends and sometimes ask the sales representative regarding the brand that performed best. They also seek for recommendations from colleagues who had firsthand experience of its quality before deciding to purchase one to use. Nowadays, customers still do those things but in a different way. Continue Reading

Blogging Tips

How to Create a Google+ Page for your Blog

Nowadays, Google+ is one of the powerful social networking sites, aside from Facebook and Twitter. And a lot of people didn’t know about Google Plus. There’s a lot of companies and brands are now using it not just for interaction with customers and end-users but for also for SEO purposes. Continue Reading

Blogging Tips

Social Media Marketing: Beyond Future

Did you know that social media is an integral component of our lives and life without it is quite unimaginable?

In the year 2012, social media has left a strong impact in the business world. As businesses embraced social networking sites such as Facebook, and Twitter to do some online marketing.

What do you think of social media marketing this year? Will Facebook reach the top of the social hierarchy? Will businesses be benefited more by their social media investment? Continue Reading