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Quit Smoking for Good with the Vype ePen

The vaping community has been growing bigger as time goes by. More and more people want to retain the joys and feel of smoking without its harmful chemicals and health drawbacks. Thus, different electronic-cigarette companies are coming up with different designs and features to make vaping a wonderful experience for both beginner and veteran users.

Vype is a British American Tobacco’s e-cigarette brand that strives to bring quality vapor devices to the vaping community. They put pride in their eLiquids as it is composed of high quality ingredients and gives of a consistent vapor quality.


Vype has recently released several vaping devices, each targeting different e-cig markets. One of their recent releases that got much hype is their Vype ePen.

The Vype ePen:

  • Design – Vype’s gift to the pen type, vaping community. This pen style cigarette takes a elliptic cylinder shape and is 15.3cm in length. It is light weight, weighing only 37.1g, and features a rubberized finish all throughout the pen. This is great for those people who dislike the metallic feel other vape pens offer.
  • Battery – The Vype ePen contains a non-removable, 650 mAh battery, which can be recharged using a USB cable. It lasts about 5-6 hours’ worth of vaping, depending on your usage. The battery has two power buttons, providing two voltage settings you can vape on. The button with the single arrow gives off less vapor, while the button with double arrow produces a significant increase in vapor and a much crisper flavor. This two-wattage feature will help beginners get a feel of what vaping is, without shocking them with the amount of vapor an e-cigarette is capable of. After they get used to the vaping, they can then shift to the more powerful setting. Perfect for the vape newbies.
  • Secondary Translite 25x15cm and Shelf Strip 49.8x9.1cmeLiquid – The Vype ePen runs on their self-produced, ePen caps. These caps are cylindrical in shape and holds 1.5ml of e-liquid. These caps come in 0, 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml nicotine content, which is good for vapers who wants a specific amount of nicotine or no nicotine at all. These caps are not refillable, which may lead to people shying away from this product. But to compensate this, Vype made these cartridges non-spill so you can enjoy your ePen anyway you want and you wouldn’t have to worry about spilling your eLiquid. Refills are also available in packs of three which retails for Php 499. These are much pricier compared to other eLiquids, but the price you pay for its flavor and non-spill quality is well worth it.
  • Key Points to Remember – Unlike other metal vape pens, the Vype ePen is made of plastic so you must put in extra care into it, in exchange for a light weight, quality device. If you’re more of a cloud chaser and is looking for a device that produces massive amounts of vapor, the Vype ePen might not be for you, as it is only capable of so much power. However, you can check out other Vype products that might suit your needs. To avoid accidents and damage to your Vype, remember to use your Vype ePen with Vype products only.


Overall, the Vype ePen is a great entry-level vaping device that could get you off smoking cigarettes. It’s easy-to-use nature and non-spill refill caps are a great way to prepare beginners for the world of vaping. It’s also very stylish, considering how straightforward the device is, and very ergonomic.

So, what are you waiting for? Quit smoking and get your very own Vype ePen now at selected 7-11 outlet at Php 1,199 and 3 Vype ePen caps cost Php499.