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YouTube Redefines Video Sharing with YouTube Red

Being one of the biggest sites in the internet, the video sharing monster takes its game to the next level with the upcoming release of YouTube Red.

YouTube Red is a paid membership that features ad-free viewing of videos and music across the site giving you the ultimate YouTube experience. You can save videos and playlists offline so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. It also comes with background play allowing you to continue listening to your videos while using other apps or even while your screen is off.

The membership will also come with a free subscription to Google Play Music. Meanwhile, current subscribers of Google Play Music will have full access to YouTube Red.

YouTube Red will be a $9.99 monthly subcription and is set to drop on October 28.

Watch Youtube Red Presentation:

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Sony Crowdfunding Introduces Wena

Joining the “First Flight” crowdfunding platform is Sony’s latest project: Wena. Designed with Japan’s smartwatch expert Citizen, the Wena (short for “wear electronics naturally”) features seven-color LEDs and vibrations for notifications, FeliCa-supported NFC chip for contactless payments, fitness tracking, and water resistance. Ironically, the Wena only supports iOS8 and above, meaning Sony’s own phones won’t be supported. The tech company is hoping to raise ¥10 million JPY (approximately $82,556 USD) via First Flight and hopes to ship the watches this March 2016. The Wena will come in Three Hands ($287 USD) and Chronograph ($576 USD).

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Android Wear Can Now Pair with iOS

Want a smart watch to go with your iPhone but the Apple Watch just doesn’t suit your taste? Perhaps Google has what you need.

Today, Google announced the release of their Android Wear for iOS. Thanks to the new app, Android Wears can now pair with the iPhone (iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later) and is able to receive phone calls, messages, and notifications. You can also set fitness goals while keeping track of your daily or weekly progress while the Smart Help gives timely advice like traffic info, flight statuses, etc.

Android Wear for iOS work with the LG
Watch Urbane while future Android Wear watches from Huawei, Asus, and Motorola will also support Apple’s Operating System. Urbane wearers can download the app now via iTunes.


Having Troubles Finding Your New Jam? Choice Cuts is Here to Help

Having trouble choosing songs to listen to? Given the expanding variety of songs today, it is difficult for us to find songs that suits us or discover new types of music. Luckily, Choice Cuts is here to help.

Given to you by Trevor McFedries and Harley Wetheimer, Choice Cuts asks for your cell phone number and then proceeds to send you two songs a day. These song will vary from B-sides and remixes to newly discovered talent.


Power Your iPhone for 7 Days with Intelligent Energy’s New Battery

Having your phone charged for a week was just a small dream to everyone but given today’s technology, it’s certainly not far fetched.

British firm Intelligent Energy has developed a battery that creates its own electricity by fusing oxygen and hydrogen through its own patented technology through the use of heat and water vapor waste.

The prototype is built-in, features a rechargeable fuel cell, and can charge your iPhone for about seven days. It also features an adapted headphone jack to refuel the device.

The prototype is currently only compatible with the iPhone 6 models and reports showed that the firm is believed to be working closely with Apple. As of now, there is no final retail price for the battery and is still being finalized by the company executives.


The “Perfect” Smartphone?

If you ever went out to get a new phone, you might have asked yourself “What exactly is the perfect smartphone?”. Most of us are in search of the perfect smartphone in order to avoid future purchases and to start spending cash on other stuff. But is there really a “perfect” phone?

Technology blogger Marques Brownlee decided to tackle this issue. He explained how even the best phones out in the market have its own flaws. Its either too big, too small, has a short battery life, or too expensive.

Developing the “perfect” smartphone is difficult , if not impossible, and we may never see an end to this due to how fast technology is evolving.

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Capture your best memories with graava

Matter reveals their recently developed camera that captures your best memories

graava uses artificial-intelligence sensors that infers what the user would like to capture. It then automatically transforms the captured footage into
a highlight reel.

“In general, the whole goal of the product is to simplify life. It’s how—through the industrial design and interaction—do we make something so simple and so easy to use that it will motivate you to use it so it’s not a distraction?”, said chief designer Max Burton.

The device features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, a light sensor, accelerometer, gyro sensor, and audio recorder, and automatically syncs with your Apple Watch to capture heart rate. These help in capturing your best moments.

graava is currently available for pre-order at $250 USD, and $400 USD after September 1.


Lexus Hoverboard Sets for August 5

Lexus is about to achieve a great feat as they mark the unveiling of their latest hoverboard project.

Teasers released earlier this summer have already given the people a glimpse of how the board will look like and, after 18 months of development, the Japanese car company has finally marked August 5 as their project’s debut date.

The board has a bamboo finish and is magnet-driven so it will require a metallic surface in order to run. It looks like our dreams to hoverboard down the block will have to wait. Even so, it is undeniable that most of us are excited for the unveiling.


Bartesian, Your Ultimate Cocktail Machine

Do you ever wish that someone can invent a cocktail machine that can make a drinks second? If yes, you don’t need to wish or to wait because a kickstarter project called Bartesian and its dubbed as the Ultimate Cocktail Machine. It can mix the perfect cocktail in seconds by mixing capsules and the necessary spirits. It can make your favorite drink seconds plus it can be tailored to your liking in strength.

They’re six cocktails available at the launch with three classic drinks like Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan and three signature drinks like Bartesian Breeze, Uptown Rocks and zest Martini. They will also be rapidly expanding the choices in the future. Like A la carte selections, themed packs and seasonal varieties.

Each Bartesian capsule is made with premium ingredients and tailored to taste exactly how it would be made at a bar — for a fraction of the price. Glass reservoirs house your spirits, depositing the perfect amount to taste.

Check out Bartesian’s Kickstarter page and support the project by backing it up.

Bartesian features and specs:

It has four glasses that contains the basic spirits like vodka, rum, tequila, and dine. You don’t need to clean and put in different spirits or flavours, the capsules take care of all of that.



Bartesian is also equipped with intelligent bar code system which automatically reads the recipes for each cocktail and custom prepares each one to its unique methods.

Bartesian 2

Bartesian has an ultra-simple, three button interface.  There’s something so rewarding about the push of a button, and watching the machine do all the work.

Bartesian 3

It couldn’t be easier! Simply pull out the capsule tray, rinse under warm water and pop it back into the machine, how easy is that? The reservoirs bottles themselves are dishwasher safe making it quick and easy to get your machine clean and back in action. But because the reservoirs store only alcohol, they don’t have to be continually cleaned and changed.

How to use Bartesian:

  • Insert your capsule
  • Select the strength
  • Bartesian will mix the perfect cocktail every time

One cocktail, one capsule, as simple as that!


Ginkgo Solar Tree Charging Station

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter recently helped another project, the Ginkgo Solar Tree charger.

The said charger is compatible for the iPhone and iPad. The multi-use charging station is made of eco-friendly bamboo and plastic with an aluminum base, and comes with an extra large, rechargeable 4.000 mAh lithium battery to store your clean energy.

It has a special design that resembles the unique Japanese Ginkgo tree. You can pre-order the Ginkgo Solar Tree charging station now available at Bite My Apple for $120 USD.

Watch Kickstarter Project: Ginkgo Solar Tree Charging Station