Bartesian, Your Ultimate Cocktail Machine

Do you ever wish that someone can invent a cocktail machine that can make a drinks second? If yes, you don’t need to wish or to wait because a kickstarter project called Bartesian and its dubbed as the Ultimate Cocktail Machine. It can mix the perfect cocktail in seconds by mixing capsules and the necessary spirits. It can make your favorite drink seconds plus it can be tailored to your liking in strength.

They’re six cocktails available at the launch with three classic drinks like Margarita, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan and three signature drinks like Bartesian Breeze, Uptown Rocks and zest Martini. They will also be rapidly expanding the choices in the future. Like A la carte selections, themed packs and seasonal varieties.

Each Bartesian capsule is made with premium ingredients and tailored to taste exactly how it would be made at a bar — for a fraction of the price. Glass reservoirs house your spirits, depositing the perfect amount to taste.

Check out Bartesian’s Kickstarter page and support the project by backing it up.

Bartesian features and specs:

It has four glasses that contains the basic spirits like vodka, rum, tequila, and dine. You don’t need to clean and put in different spirits or flavours, the capsules take care of all of that.



Bartesian is also equipped with intelligent bar code system which automatically reads the recipes for each cocktail and custom prepares each one to its unique methods.

Bartesian 2

Bartesian has an ultra-simple, three button interface.  There’s something so rewarding about the push of a button, and watching the machine do all the work.

Bartesian 3

It couldn’t be easier! Simply pull out the capsule tray, rinse under warm water and pop it back into the machine, how easy is that? The reservoirs bottles themselves are dishwasher safe making it quick and easy to get your machine clean and back in action. But because the reservoirs store only alcohol, they don’t have to be continually cleaned and changed.

How to use Bartesian:

  • Insert your capsule
  • Select the strength
  • Bartesian will mix the perfect cocktail every time

One cocktail, one capsule, as simple as that!

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